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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: changing branch commit merge block procedure
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 19:12:23 GMT

On 1 Jun 2009, at 21:00, Chris Anderson wrote:

> Devs,
> We've talked some about discontinuing use of svn's merge/block
> procedure for maintaining old release branches, in favor just asking
> committers to remember to put applicable patches into the 0.9.x
> branch.
> There is discussion to be had about what patches are applicable to
> point release branches.
> Perspectives?

we'd need to see why we have that procedure. My understanding was
to give a release manager a "list of outstanding commits" that haven't
been looked at for merging to a branch. Which basically is a safety net
for sloppy committers who don't merge stuff to a branch (or do it wrong
like Adam (sorry, no picking, here, just as an example). So it is a form
of validation.

The opposite site of that coin is, that if a patch doesn't go into a  
the first time it is committed, it doesn't belong in the (any) branch,  
the developer actively chose to not merge the patch into a branch.

I don't mind the extra process, but we need to make sure we know
why we're doing it and I might have missed some or *the* point.



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