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From Scott Shumaker <>
Subject Re: The 1.0 Thread
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 22:26:48 GMT
Some of our views are invoked with stale=ok - but most of them can't
afford to be - if a user takes an action, typically they need to see
the results of that action if they continue on the site.

We're using CouchDB as our main persistent storage underlying our
entire site - which has data that is pretty darn complex.  We have
very little back-end code - we do almost everything in run-time on the
client in Javascript - loading in complex object hierarchies and
resolving cross-object pointers.  So we use views very heavily,
because typically you're loading a lot of different objects at once.

We are using the view filter patch, which helped a tiny bit - but our
data set isn't even that large yet (40k objects, admittedly many are
several K in size, or more) and the performance isn't great.  So I'm
definitely very concerned.  If we had the time to learn Erlang and the
CouchDB codebase, maybe we'd muck around to try to find optimizations.
 In lieu of that, we have to keep our fingers crossed for some
speedups, or failing that abandon CouchDB entirely in the next few
months.  :(


On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Peter Hsu<> wrote:
> Scott - I don't know the details of your application.  What we tend to do with our couch-backed
app is rely on stale=ok for user-facing views.  We then run a cron to update the view so
that users will never get really stale data.  This is acceptable for our application, and
may be for yours?
> +1 on view performance
> +1 on erlang view server
> +1 on consolidating multiple views

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