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From Carl McDade <>
Subject Make Mochiweb full-install on Windows
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 14:30:26 GMT

I have noticed that the Mochiweb installation in the Windows CouchDB
binaries is not complete. To get a complete install with all the perks
you have to download and install Mochiweb into the directory that
already contains only the beam files. I wrote up a tutorial for
Windows users to compensate for this:

But it is my feeling that the CouchDB installer should do this. Users
may have pre existing Mochi apps or want to use Mochiweb to create new
apps that connect to CouchDB.

Doing the changes to CouchDB installer should be fairly trivial given
that the compiled code is complete in the ebin directory. So there is
only a need to add in the files that allow you to start the Mochiweb

I am a newcomer so I am not up to speed on the CouchDB installers for
Linux or CouchDBX. But they should also have  full installations of
Mochiweb. Does anyone know why this is not the case?

Carl McDade
Content Management Systems Consultant

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