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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Document update notifications
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 15:22:53 GMT
On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 3:11 AM, eric casteleijn
<> wrote:
>>>> Would the comet notifications supersede the (currently implemented) db
>>>> update notifications as well? Are there any estimates as to when that
>>>> would come around.
>>> Pretty sure the idea is to replace the current system's functionality.
>>> I'm not sure if that means update_notification will go away or not,
>>> but from what I gather on the expected use cases it'll be a "new code
>>> should use comet" type of situation. As far as estimates, I'm not
>>> sure. I don't have too much knowledge on the current status, just that
>>> there was work being done on some necessary bits. Keep an eye on dev@
>>> and you'll be up to date as things start building up.
>> I'm working on it and even I can't say when :) Too much stuff pops up
>> that's out of my control, so I don't give completion estimates any more.
>> But I will say it's my highest priority development task right now.
> I'm sorry for asking again, but this feature (or rather, getting rid of the
> update notifiers) is turning out to be more and more critical to us. Is
> there *anything* we can do to help this along? If so, please let me know, on
> or off list.

The next step on the roadmap is to give the ability to filter the
comet notifications with a JavaScript function. This code should not
be too hard to write but I doubt I'll have time to get to it this
week. There are a few other people who are capable of adding the
function, if any of them add the capability I'll be happy to review
and apply the patch. Otherwise it should just be a matter of time
before the comet feature is complete.

There are other parts of the story we could add but haven't. For
instance, it should be possible to do a long poll on a particular
document URL if you are waiting for it to be modified. Also,
replication should be able to run against the _changes API instead of
_all_docs_by_seq, although I'm not sure that's crucial for your use

I hope that give enough clarity for you.


Chris Anderson

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