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From Paul Davis <>
Subject eep0018 and spidermonkey 1.8.1
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 01:01:34 GMT

I've got a CouchDB branch [1] on github that has eep0018 integrated
into the build system as well as upgrades to make CouchDB work with
Spidermonkey 1.8.1

Before you go diving in, this requires building Spidermonkey 1.8.1
form Mozilla's Mercurial repo. Its pretty cake but it can screw with
your currently installed spidermonkey when compiling other software so
be warned.

To install spidermonkey 1.8.1 on OS X, the directions are like:

$ sudo port install autoconf213
$ sudo port install mercurial
$ hg clone
$ cd mozilla-central/js/src
$ autoconf213
$ sudo make install

Anyway, I've gotten everything so that all but one test passes. The
biggest issues came from some of the weirdness in the differences
between our JSON.stringify and JSON.parse functions and the new C
functions in SM 1.8.1. I ended up going and reading the docs, and they
were in favor of spidermonkey's interpretation. The specific bits are
that when you emit(undefined, undefined) it now actually works and the
key/value pair null, null is emitted.

Another point of weirdness is how it handles XML attributes. When
passing XML to the JSON.stringify methods I had to call .toString() on
the xml object first.

So =>

Its a bit tedious and I'm pretty sure I can override it by adding a
XML.prototype.toJSON method to return a proper string but that's for
another day.

Actually, now that I consider it, I'll change the branches around so
that eep0018 doesn't have the spidermonkey updates so people can at
least test that. But first I need to do dishes and some other un fun
cleaning chores.

So in short, anyone feel like running this through some sort of
benchmark script or some such? I haven't even tried to see if it's any
faster yet.


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