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From eric casteleijn <>
Subject Re: couch sequence numbers and _all_docs_by_seq
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 13:54:42 GMT
>> Ok, but just so we're on the same page, I think Eric was talking about 
>> using the update_seq for that document in the view (i.e., the key for 
>> that document in _all_docs_by_seq), not the server's latest 
>> update_seq. I don't think that usage violates any requirements of the 
>> map function.

Yes that is correct.

>> Adam
> I'd have to think harder on it. I'm pretty sure that you'd end up with 
> the same documents and different view output depending on the node you 
> were using. 

I think so too: At least if that would be the case for the 
_all_docs_by_seq, and I'm pretty sure it is. That is not a problem for 
my use case, where we have only one particular node that will be running 
the views for which I;d want to use the _seq.

> You could almost fix it by transmitting 'dead' update_seq's 
> but that's a long road for the immediate question.

If I understand you correctly, that's partly what I'm doing now as a 
solution to a different problem, but it's really the opposite of 
elegant: To have a handle on when a document was first seen on the 'node 
of interest' we have an update trigger write a sequence number (which is 
approximate to the one the db was at on the when the document was first 
seen there) into a 'first_seen' field. Doing the same for a 
'last_modified' field would be worse, or even impossible, since writing 
to that field would trigger the update trigger again.

- eric casteleijn

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