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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject Re: Creating attachments from HTML's INPUT type="file"
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 04:21:52 GMT

On Apr 21, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Chris Anderson wrote:
>> This seems like an awful lot of special case weirdness, and there are
>> probably more edge cases than you've identified so far. And this only
>> addresses attachments -- there were some interesting ideas posed on  
>> the list
>> some time back about how to do unobtrusive form handling, but there  
>> were
>> still were some oddities, particularly around strings vs. numbers and
>> deeply-nested objects.
>> I know this is sacrilege, but wouldn't this be best handled by action
>> servers?
> This is the way to go. Not action servers exactly, but an update
> handler, for JavaScript which can translate a Req to JSON for PUT.
> Patches welcome or I'll get to it eventually.
>> Of course, you could always bury a form handler in a wsgi or rack
>> app or whatever (even a jack app in js) as an _external, but  
>> obviously
>> that's not very portable. Baking action servers into couch is the  
>> only sane
>> way to solve this problem for something like couchapps (a jsonp  
>> service is
>> out of the question for write ops). And it shouldn't be any trouble  
>> with
>> sharding.
>> So maybe action server is the wrong word, and I know it could  
>> totally get
>> abused (hell, I *know *I would abuse it), but wouldn't it be great  
>> if form
>> handling could be embedded in design docs with all the other app  
>> logic?

Is there an open bug report for "action server" or "update handler" or  
any previous discussions.  I searched JIRA and didn't see it, but the  
terms were generic enough that they matched many entries.

I was trying to avoid specifying any implementation details, just the  
requirements to fill a big functionality hole for pure CouchApps that  
could not be handled browser side.  Would be great if it could be  
handled by something generic.

Eventually I will need to address this either by trying my first  
attempt to hack Erlang or by adding an intermediary layer and abandon  
being a CouchApp.  Would appreciate any advice if I need roll my own  
solution.  Not urgent at the moment, but eventually my client will  
want to see it and I'll be forced to find a solution.

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