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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Fwd: [GitHub] lachlanhardy sent you a message
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 19:13:44 GMT
On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 01:03:40PM -0400, Damien Katz wrote:
>> Body: I realise you're not taking pull requests into an unofficial
>> mirror but it seemed an effective way to deliver this feedback.

I think this an awkward way to deliver feedback. I have to guess which specific
revision of this fork of an unofficial mirrored git repository is the one I am
meant to be looking at for consideration, which puts some considerable burden on
me. I would prefer that patches against the official repository are sent to the
mailing list as attachments, or added to JIRA.

>> I've modified the README to reflect my own painful experience of
>> installing CouchDB on OS 10.5. That's 3 hours I'm never getting back.

Comments on this changeset, as I presume it is what is being referenced:

  - * GNU Autoconf (>=2.59)  (
  + * GNU Autoconf (>=2.60, <2.6.2)  (
  -    port install automake autoconf libtool help2man
  +    port install automake libtool help2man
  +(but you'll still need to install autoconf from source as the latest version, 2.6.2, fails

It seems like the problems you experienced were because of a bug in the MacPorts
autoconf package. I appreciate how frustrating this may have been, but CouchDB
cannot modify it's README to account for all the ephemeral bugs in external
packaging systems. I would suggest reporting it here instead:

  +    chown -R couchdb:couchdb /usr/local/var/run/couchdb
  +    chmod -R 0770 /usr/local/var/run/couchdb

This directory is created every time you run the daemon, so this is not needed.

  +or on OSX:
  +    chown -R couchdb /usr/local/etc/couchdb
  +    chown -R couchdb /usr/local/var/lib/couchdb
  +    chown -R couchdb /usr/local/var/log/couchdb
  +    chown -R couchdb /usr/local/var/run/couchdb

Why have you added this section? Does the previous one fail?


Noah Slater,

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