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From dmi <>
Subject unicode output representation
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 22:34:10 GMT
Hello All!

CouchDB now using modified version of mochijson2 for JSON output.
The standard behavior of this library is to accept unicode in all forms (unicode, utf8, \uXXXX)
via decode/1,
but when unicode is emitted via encode/1 to the client app, all unicode symbols are converted
to \uXXXX form.

This is done for maximal compatibility. But I suspect, that modern software, which may want
to interact with CouchDB, will have no problems with raw UTF8.

Recent version of mochiweb (r99) introduces an optional capability for mochijson2 to emit
raw utf8.
The proposed way is:

Encoder = mochijson2:encoder([{utf8, true}]),
JSON = Encoder(json())

I have tested this patch (in reduced form) against CouchDB and it seems to be working.

I think, that bringing this option to CouchDB will be a good improvement for developers of
international software.


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