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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Windows 0.9 binary .zip file available.
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2009 22:36:13 GMT
Hi all,
   For convenience, I've put together a .zip file containing couchdb 0.9 
binaries for Windows.

Please note that this is *not* an official build and has been put 
together by hand by me.  A proposal has been submitted to the Summer of 
Code project to create an 'official' build process for Windows and it is 
hoped that project will enable official builds in the future - but until 
then I hope this build is useful.

No installation is needed - you can uninstall 0.8 if you have it.  Just 
unzip the directory anywhere - it will create a single 'erl5.6.5' 
directory which contains all you need.  There is a README.txt in 
erl5.6.5 - I've included it below for reference.

Krazylegz on IRC has kindly arranged for Swift Signal, Inc. to host the 
56MB package - you can grab it from:




This is a binary release of couchdb 0.9 for Windows put together by
Mark Hammond.  It was built from the following SVN location:

| URL:
| Revision: 761839

It is *NOT* an official release; it was cobbled together by starting 
with the 0.8 binary release, then hacking things so the updated couch 
code works.

The build it not supported - it is provided purely as a convenience.  It 
works fine for me, but your mileage may vary.


* Unpack the zip file anywhere you like.
* From a command-prompt, change to the 'bin' directory and execute
* An erlang window should be created and you should will be informed
   it's time to relax.
* Relax.
* Futon will be available at
* Look at default.ini in the 'bin' directory for options
   such as the log level, database directories, etc.

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