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and more here:

Haha. lmgtfy.com is really cute, and I've bookmarked it to use against annoying Help-Vampires on some other mailing lists I'm on, but in this case particular case it was pretty useless — it took me to an IBM page on "Implementing REST services with WebSphere" which looks like a basic intro to REST, with no mention of the POST problems being discussed here. Down around the fourth hit I found "Double POST and POE" which seems relevant; it would have saved me a couple of minutes had you just linked directly to that.

• A search query is a really fragile thing to link to, given how frequently Google updates its index.
• Don't point people to a "fuck-you" site like lmgtfy.com unless they're asking about something sufficiently obvious that the search query is a no-fail.


PS: Anyone got a link to the specific CFNetwork bug? I used to work with the CFNetwork and Safari teams, and I don't remember this coming up.