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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: 0.9 final sprint
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2009 23:40:54 GMT
On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Chris Anderson <> wrote:
> We are within striking distance of 0.9
> 12 Outstanding issues:
> I think it'd be very cool if we could release in time for ApacheCon EU
> - starts on March 23rd. I think this is feasible but it will require
> some doing.
> Some of these tickets may be as simple as documentation or exploration
> to see if the issue is resolved by the new replication security patch.
> None of them look very challenging.
> Chris
> --
> Chris Anderson

I figured I'd sit down and write out thoughts on the remaining bugs so
we can have a jumping off point for what needs to be worked on. Here

Enable replicator to use HTTP authentication

I'm guessing that this is affected by Damien's rep_security patch
hitting trunk. Someone more familiar with that bit should check, but
hopefully this one is as easy as "already done."

Allow unicode characters in database names.

No patch provided. Chris Anderson added a link to one of Antony's
github repositories that's got some code for this. If no one steps up
and offers a patch on this one I would vote for pushing it to 0.10.

couchdb is not starting properly from init.d script in trunk

Patrick Antivackis reports problems with the "-e" flag on the shebang
line for different platforms and makes a request for setting the user
CouchDB runs as in the init.d script. No idea about the "-e" flag, but
we should probably add the CouchDB username option if I'm not just
missing it.

Offset regression between 0.8.0 and trunk.

There's a patch on JIRA for this one that's been confirmed to solve
the issue. I'm waiting for Damien's feedback because he thought the
btree modification was wrong.

replicate attachments without Base64 encoding

If I read my commit logs correctly, Adam comitted a patch that fixes
this for one of the two replication directions. Not sure where things
should go from here.

POSIX shell incompatibilities

Looks like Noah's got some notes about what needs to be done. I'm not
at all certain what this would entail.

Updating and deleting the same document with _bulk_docs

There's a patch that shows that if you save a doc, and then make a
_bulk_docs request with an edited version and a _deleted=True version
a conflict is raised as would be expected. The original reporter
hasn't confirmed or denied that the error still exists.

$PREFIX/etc/default/couchdb not installed

I can't say much other than that its installed on my system. I don't
have enough autotools-fu to spot any errors looking through the

No pagination in Futon for reduce views

Looks like Jason Davies has got a couple patches up for this one. I
haven't tried applying them but he's left a note saying that there's a
todo item for blank pages at the beginning or end of the key range.
I'd defer to Christopher Lenz on this one.

group=true is silently dropped in non-reduce views

There's a patch posted that has some consequences for Futon.
Specifically, the first visit to a view page results in a full reduce
(no group=true) being executed. I asked Christopher Lenz about this
and things kinda got dropped there. Also of note is whether the error
code for this should be a 500 or 400. I went with 500 because I
treated it the same as any of the other view parameter errors (and it
was easier to code :). There's also the case of
group=true&group_level=0 not being detected by this patch.

[startkey, endkey[: provide a right-open range selection method

There's no patch for this yet. I looked once and got confused on how
to implement this for the start key. IIRC, the issue is that there is
some weird interplay between the current options and how the inclusive
might work. I'll take a closer look at this tonight and see if I can
remember what was up with it.

Test that validation and authorization work properly with replicated edits.

Hopefully this is part of the rep_security patch and can just be
closed as is. I'll defer to Adam and Damien for this one.

Document a way to find out failed writes fro bulk requests and async writes

I'm also going to defer on this one. Hopefully its as simple as adding
a note to the document api wiki page.

That's all I got. Hopefully we can get those cleaned up without too much pain.

Paul Davis

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