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From Barry Wark <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 22:17:45 GMT
I don't claim to have groked CouchDB enough to know what the
priorities for GSoC projects should be, but the missing feature that
is preventing my organization from using CouchDB is the ability to
combine view results using boolean combinations (e.g. I want all the
doc ids of documents in view1 AND in view2 or all the doc ids of
documents in view1 OR view2 etc.), including temporary views.

I suspect this would be best implemented in Erlang, though perhaps the
proposal for enhancing the external view servers or better Lucene
integration is the better approach.


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 4:06 AM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> Hi dev@,
> last year, we missed the Google Summer of Code* application
> deadline by hours (my fault). This year, applications run on
> March 9th-13th.
> *
> GSoC provides an excellent opportunity for open source projects
> to get students involved with the project and have larger areas of
> functionality covered.
> What is needed from our end (roughly, see the rest of the GSoC
> FaQ*** for more info)?
>  - A single person as an administrative contact. I volunteer for this
>   position if nobody else is eager to take it.
>  - A "list of ideas"** that includes a number of sub-projects that students
>   can apply for when working on CouchDB. This is where you come
>   in! :) What feature of CouchDB would you like a student to work on
>   during the summer?
>  - A vote on which student-proposals to accept.
>  - Once we have one or more students with an idea each, we'll need a
>   mentor for each sub-project.
> ** From the GSoC FaQ***:
> An "Ideas" list should be a list of suggested student projects. This list is
> meant to introduce contributors to your project's needs and to provide
> inspiration to would-be student applicants. It is useful to classify each
> idea as specifically as possible, e.g. "must know Python" or "easier
> project; good for a student with more limited experience with C++." If your
> organization plans to provide an application template, you should include it
> on your Ideas list.
> Keep in mind that your Ideas list should be a starting point for student
> applications; we've heard from past mentoring organization participants that
> some of their best student projects are those that greatly expanded on a
> proposed idea or were blue-sky proposals not mentioned on the Ideas list at
> all.
> ***

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