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From Amos Hayes <>
Subject Reverse proxy design?
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:31:06 GMT

Hello. I've been trying to get couchdb to live happily behind under a  
proxied URL like:

And having read through the user list and the instructions at

  and experimenting a fair bit, I am still at a loss for how to make  
it live happily while deeper than root. Having it proxy to root still  
causes problems, at least with futon and in some tests (using curl  
seems OK in my very basic queries), and having it nested deeper causes  
futon lots of grief. I'm sorry if I'm mixing up couchdb and futon, but  
for a new user/admin, they are lumped together.

So I thought I would ask the dev list what (if any) plans are there to  
have couchdb and futon live happily in a proxied environment -  
particularly one that may be nesting it somewhere other than /. This  
seems like a pretty fundamental requirement for something that aims to  
play well with web admins, but maybe I'm an oddball. Or maybe you just  
haven't gotten there yet. Anyway, since you guys seem to be trying to  
lock a few design decisions down before 0.9, I thought I would bring  
this up in the hopes that you won't close the door on this sort of use.

Thanks for your time and innovative software!


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