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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: GSoC and CouchDB Windows porting
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 02:49:56 GMT
On 29/03/2009 1:20 AM, Alexander Chekmarev wrote:
> Hello,
> There also successful attempt to port couchdb here:

If I understand correctly, that link is the 'next step' from the link I 
posted before ( 
It looks to me like the same person authored both pages - the first 
describing how he got it going in the first place, and the second 
describing the installer he created from his working installation.  Note 
that installer doesn't include erlang, start menu shortcuts, etc - 
simply the "new" stuff that was added to the erlang install to get couch 
working.  I'm not sure how he generated the INI files though (these 
depend on the installation directory, so can't be shipped 
pre-generated.)  It's not clear if the source-code to the actual 
installer package is available anywhere.

In other words, that link above still falls into the "Instructions so 
that couchdb can be cobbled together" category rather than the desired 
"solid, reproducible process for creating a Windows installer that can 
be automated by anyone semi-competent on Windows" one I mentioned in my 
previous mail.

FWIW, I have now adapted those instructions so the trunk works on 
Windows - I'll attempt to automate the config file generation then 
update the Wiki, but anyone is free to contact me if they are impatient 
for this information.

> Can just someone of developers, or it is better, mentors throw some comments
> on first project here

I hope that clarifies a little...



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