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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: Fwd: GSoC and CouchDB Windows porting
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 23:20:25 GMT
On 25/03/2009 1:25 AM, Alexander Chekmarev wrote:
> I am a student just interested in CouchDB architecture and, what is more
> excellent, that is written,commonly, in erlang. I would like to participate
> GSoC 2009 with Apache.

Hi Alex,
   Let me throw in some comments - but please be aware that I'm not very 
experienced with couchdb and certainly don't speak for any of the couch 
committers - but do have an interest in couch on Windows.

The way I see it, there are 2 major steps to getting things sane on Windows:

* Instructions so that couchdb can be cobbled together, somewhat 
manually, by an experienced Windows user.   This is the intent of, but it is out of 
date in important ways.  I'm slowly working my way through this in an 
attempt to get a hacked build together and working from the trunk.

* Ultimately though, we need a solid, reproducible process for creating 
a Windows installer that can be automated by anyone semi-competent on 
Windows.  This itself has a number of steps, including managing the 
dependencies, building the bits of couchdb itself, deciding how to best 
bundle/detect erlang binaries then a final installer which ties it all 
together.  Ideally this should be capable of being fully automated so 
could run from a suitably setup 'buildbot' or similar.

I'd recommend you focus on the second of these tasks - hopefully the 
first will have been done by the time you need it - and could 
theoretically be skipped anyway.

I'd also recommend this task try and stick to the existing build process 
as much as possible using cygwin.  There will be complications though; 
for example, it would probably be best to have the Windows build process 
point at a prebuilt seamonkey rather than taking on the world of pain 
that is the Mozilla build process.  My last experiments with this showed 
that things weren't that far from working - eg, support the the 
Microsoft compilers already exists etc.

Hopefully this is enough to give you some ideas, or will prompt some 
followup discussion by the couch developers...



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