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From Tim Parkin <>
Subject Re: single node atomic bulk_docs operations
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 13:49:39 GMT
Dean Landolt wrote:
--snip --
> Interesting read -- and good examples. But I would argue there are more than
> philosophical drawbacks. As I understand it, it would mean giving up the
> replication feature entirely. Forever...or at least as long as bulk-docs are
> relied upon. There's more to replication than scaling (fault tolerance, for
> one). If your application absolutely needs transactions, and you can't
> design around it (e.g. doc-level transactions), you may need another tool
> for the job -- one not named for a "cluster of unreliable commodity
> hardware".

Could you explain why it would mean giving up on replication completely?


The possible application I'm talking about doesn't need transactions,
they just need a simple way of rolling back a set of changes
(preferably atomically but not necessarily). I'm not looking to banish
conflicts, just minimise them where possible.

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