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From Tim Parkin <>
Subject Re: Bulk Docs - 'remove changes so far' Functionality?
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 09:54:10 GMT
Ignoring the atomicity of bulk docs. Would it be possible to retain some
sort of ability to simply remove a set of changes.

At the moment I have a 'changeset' as a result of some user or system
operation and using bulk_docs I can apply it and conditionally remove it
if unsuccessful.

The old bulk docs was one way of being able to cleanly apply and
conditionally remove a set of changes. With this feature removed, the
process of recovering from a changeset that breaks at the end is 'non
trivial' to say the least.

The current arguments against bulk docs are against it's atomicity. I
would be reasonably happy to have a bulk docs that wasn't atomic but
allowed some from of 'remove the changes applied so far' functionality.

I don't like to predict what problems other people might get but I think
that without something like this, people will have problems removing
changes. From the (very) little I understand, we can't rely on older revs.

Any ideas for a generic solution to this problem would be greatly


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