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From Zachary Brown <>
Subject Possible Mentorship for Student Developer?
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 16:06:48 GMT
Hi All,

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Zac Brown, a student at the  
University of Miami and open source contributor. I'm coming up on my  
senior year in university (Fall '09/Spring '10) and am interested in  
spending time working on CouchDB to round out my time at the  
University to fill requirements for my Computer Science degree.

I wanted to ask if any of the main developers would be at all  
interested in providing some lightweight mentoring of myself in order  
to guide my (possible) work on the project? The courses I would be  
enrolled in to obtain credit require some sort of 'supervisor' or  
'mentor' in this case to be affiliated with the project for me to get  

============== If you're not interested, just move on, the rest is  
marketing fluff ;) ===============

*Small Bio*
I've spent time working on the Wine Project, GNU PDF and have spent a  
little time trouble shooting for the JRuby project. Most of my work  
has been in C, Python & Ruby though I have worked a bit in Erlang. I  
interned with Google last summer (mostly doing Wine work) and will be  
interning with Microsoft this summer on the Windows 7 team.

*What this Mentorship Would Not Be*
1) you teaching sessions
2) me piggy backing on your work
3) you spending more than the length of time it takes to have a  
conversation or write an email

*What this Mentorship Would Be*
1) me asking questions about the work I'm doing (whatever it might be)
2) me periodically asking for code reviews (maybe from you, or others)

*What I'd like to get out of this*
I really just want to spend time hacking on something interesting  
instead of the usual classes I've done for the last 3 years of  
college. There isn't a good course on distributed systems here and I'm  
a big fan of the "learn by doing" paradigm. In this respect, CouchDB  
makes sense to me for learning more about distributed systems and I'd  
really just like to learn more Erlang.

Think of it as Google Summer of Code but instead Zac's Semesters of  
Code. I will be spending this summer getting more familiar with the  
project code base and refreshing my Erlang skills so that I'll  
actually be able to get things done by the time Fall 2009 rolls around.

*The End*
If you've made it this far, I commend you. Maybe you think this is  
interesting or maybe you're just bored, I'm hoping the first.
If anyone would be interested in this, just drop a line in this thread  
or send me an email privately.


Zac Brown

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