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From Zachary Zolton <>
Subject Re: ACID vs BASE
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:03:21 GMT
Thanks for the reply! It looks like they go into the more advanced
Bayou consistency, and Byzantine failure modes, but I don't think I'll
need to cover that soon...

But a more important question:

If I have two couch servers: A and B

And, I want to load-balance users between them, would it be the
responsibility of the web/app servers to ensure that a user session
"sticks" to either A or B, after performing a write/update? At least
until the data has had a chance to replicate between servers...?

(I'm guessing this is what all the "monotonic updates discussion is about...?)

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 9:54 AM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> On 24 Feb 2009, at 16:49, Zachary Zolton wrote:
>> As a developer (without an advanced degree :^P) trying to understand
>> Eventual Consistency, I happened upon these slides:
>> I know consistency models are a hot topic around here, so I thought
>> I'd ask if this would make a good introductory text for me to explain
>> the techniques to some colleagues of mine. Or does anyone take
>> theoretical issue with it contents?
> I skimmed the contents and it looks cool to me for an introduction.
> Cheers
> Jan
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