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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Proposal: let -c *not* ignore default.ini
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 18:12:34 GMT
2009/2/27 eric casteleijn <>:
> Now that local.ini overrides the default.ini, I would expect the default.ini
> not to be ignored but to be overridden by whatever is passed into couchdb
> with the -c option, so you only need to specify that which you want to
> change, even when you use a local.ini on a specified path.
> (patch attached to do this, but against couchdb, should probably be against
> couchdb.tpl and/or but my make-fu isn't all that, coming from
> Python.)
> The only potential problem I see is if the current way .ini files are
> handled does not allow you to *un*specify a particular option, in which case
> you'd need to have an option to ignore the default.ini.
> If my proposal is not acceptable, perhaps I can rewrite it to an additional
> command line option, that does work in this way.

Haven't looked at the patch yet, but in theory your idea seems just
fine. Can I ask you to create a ticket for it in the Jira issue


Chris Anderson

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