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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Roadmap discussion
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:06:25 GMT
Couch Devs,

>From the beginning of this project, we've had a shared vision for
CouchDB. The best documentation of that vision (in my mind) has been
the text available at

However, the project has been evolving, and we are within sight of
reaching many of the goals outlined in the Technical Overview.

I think it would be helpful to outline our progress so far, and see
how the project can grow.

So far:

* REST / MVCC / ACID Document Storage
  - This is solid (modulo _bulk_docs)
  - Append-only file structure has turned out to be a big win.

* Incremental Map Reduce
  - This is also strong right now. It could be faster, but so far it's
been fast enough.
  - Ready to implement view Etags.

* Live database compaction
  - basically done.
  - View compaction would be a nice bonus.

* Incremental Peer Based Replication
  - We're still working on non-buffering attachment replication.
  - Multi-node security model work is in progress.

* Partitioning
  - I'm not sure how far we are along on this. Afaik, the plan is to
split nodes into subnodes depending on load, essentially making a
binary tree of Couches. My guess is that inner-nodes would be proxies
and leaf nodes would handle disk. I think there's a dependency on
getting the security model right.
  - View queries are just a big merge-sort across all the nodes.

* Full Text Search interface
  - We've had basically working patches for this floating around for a while.
  - It seems simple enough, we just need someone who comfortable in
Java to step up to the plate and write a Lucene adapter. (Thanks!)

New parts:

* External
  - This was originally implemented to support Full Text indexing.
  - People are using it as an interface to a whole range of
app-servers and alternate indexers.

* Show / List
  - Giving CouchDB the ability to serve directly non-JSON dynamic
content types improves it's utility for offline applications.

* Notification API
  - When Damien first mentioned the idea of holding open Comet-style
connections for selective replication, it fit right into the bigger
picture of Couch. I'm very interested in developments here.

* Config
  - This is an outgrowth of supporting such a big system. Luckily now
it's powerful enough to provide an easy way to hook custom Erlang
modules into CouchDB's HTTP stack.

* Stats
  - In-progress monitoring interface.

* Alternate Storage and View Engines
  - There are interested parties here, but I think we're hoping to
save this one until all the deeply subtle stuff Damien's working on
comes together.

I know there is a lot of stuff I've put on here, and there's a lot
that I've missed. Please feel free to expand the outline.

I'm hoping to discuss the best way for us to focus our energies. But
first we should know where we stand and where we want to be.


Chris Anderson

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