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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: couchdb transactions changes
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2009 16:04:14 GMT
Hi Damien,

On 7 Feb 2009, at 16:47, Damien Katz wrote:

> So I propose supporting 2 different transaction models:
> [...]
> With these 2 transactions models, it's possible to deploy the same  
> apps on a single machine or a huge partitioned cluster. To support   
> the current model, it's only possible to deploy apps on a single  
> machine. I propose we drop the current model as bulk transactions  
> are not supportable in clustered or replicated set ups.

To be absolutely clear:

You propose to drop the old behaviour in favour of the two
new ones that get their own distinct API endpoints (which
are to be  determined). The user could then choose which
type of trade-offs to take by choosing one of the endpoints.

You are _not_ proposing to drop the old behaviour and we
now have to decide on one of the two new behaviours to
replace it.

Is that correct?


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