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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Fail on a simple case on replication
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 10:52:33 GMT
Hi Patrick,

On 24 Feb 2009, at 09:06, Patrick Antivackis wrote:

> Oh and by the way, in a use case where there is only one database  
> and you
> don't use compaction because you want to keep everything, well _rev  
> is a
> revision that can be used to see the history of the document.

You still shouldn't and that's what's in the documentation :) Just  
you can tie a skateboard to a car and drive on the highway would make
one hell of a fun ride, you are not advised to do so. :)

> I really don't
> see the point of renaming an attribute to make it harder to  
> understand it's
> role.

The suggestion here is to rename to make it _easier_ to understand
because the connotations "revision" comes with are not entirely
valid for CouchDB.

> It's like all politically correct terminology where you use a stupid
> expression in order to be as neutral as possible.

You have a point here, it is about avoiding conflict. But I don't think
we're looking for a neutral term here, but one with a better name.
I'd go with _access_token if it weren't too long. _rev is nice and short
and _token might as well be _wibble. API design is hard.


> IMO if you change this
> attribute name it's even better to remove all possibilities to a  
> access a
> previous rev if still there, and change it's value by a timestamp
> Regards
> 2009/2/24 Antony Blakey <>
>> On 24/02/2009, at 12:51 PM, Antony Blakey wrote:
>> The project founder and the PMC, are all committed to that  
>> replication
>>> model, which is derived from Notes.
>> BTW I'm the only one in the community that has expressed any strong  
>> desire
>> to change this - I'm not implying any community division, just  
>> pointing out
>> that it's both an historical artifact, and accepted by the major
>> contributors and committers.
>> Antony Blakey
>> --------------------------
>> CTO, Linkuistics Pty Ltd
>> Ph: 0438 840 787
>> Plurality is not to be assumed without necessity
>> -- William of Ockham (ca. 1285-1349)

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