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From Andrea Schiavini <>
Subject Re: Futon Future
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 12:28:37 GMT
> Futon is awesome. It is often the first thing our users see of CouchDB and
> the
> feedback is unanimously positive. *Futon is slick, it is simple, it is to
> the
> point and it does all (well most) you need.*

Yep, this is why I love it :)

> index.html: A portal page. At the moment, the first thing you see in Futon
> is
> the list of databases. I'd like to see (as an replacement or an addition
> needs
> to be discussed), a "welcome" page, a portal if you will, that will show
> the
> first time user a little more information about where he is and what he can
> do.
> Something like?
> 1.) Validate Your Installation [link to the test suite]
>      (if it fails, look at [link to troubleshooting wiki page]).
> 2.) Learn CouchDB [link to the docs].
> 3.) Use CouchDB [link to list of DBs].

This sounds good, but what if I want just to check my databases status? The
main use of Futon - as a developer - is to see docs, see why something has
gone wrong, and so on. The "cool home page" can be good and useful for
first-time users, but boring for the developer: he has to click on a link to
get to the databases. So, IMHO, there should be an option to "disable" the
new home page.

> News Feed. The Futon home page should display an RSS/Atom feed containing
> latest news items for CouchDB, like announcements of new versions, or
> security
> issues and the like. Whether this should be an opt-in or opt-out thing,
> needs to be
> decided, I can see reasons for both, but I think users should be able to
> disable
> it, again runtime config to the rescue.

Are you sure it should go into Futon? Or better: what should Futon be, in
your opinion? I'd rather prefer it to remain a sort of "control panel" for
my databases. I prefer to fire up a newsreader or gmail to see

> List of installed apps. With CouchApps shaping up, Futon could show a list
> of
> installed applications alongside created databases. The way to detect
> CouchApps
> is not yet defined, though there are sensible proposals.

Yes, this is good. I'd make this sort of a "tab" though: welcome page,
databases, installed apps. With an option on the welcome page like "Default
page:" and a dropdown with welcome page, installed apps, databases. Maybe
also news, if you really want to.

> More pluggable architecture. Hey, it might even be easy to add new pages to
> Futon already, but I'm sure we can im prove that. The idea is that users
> can
> write add-ons to Futon that are not of interest for all users but only
> those who
> use CouchDB for a specific purpose (see next item). Futon then wouldn't
> have to
> include all features for everybody but we'd have a repository of Futon
> plugins
> that people can install. The repository of plugins should be a CouchDB
> database
> that users can just replicate the plugins they like from.

Mmm I think this would mess up the slick interface of Futon too much. I dont
want it to be a sort of Facebook, it's Futon, I use it to manage my
databases and it does its work well.

> --
> Cluster management plugin. CouchDB will be deployed in clusters of CouchDB
> nodes. It'd be really cool if we had a Futon plugin that allows you to do
> all
> sorts of neat things with that cluster. Like monitoring how it is behaving
> or
> restructuring the cluster at runtime.

Agreed! Another tab maybe.

> Cheers
> Jan
> --

Good post Jan. I like some of your ideas; however, I'd prefer Futon to
remain a control panel instead of becoming something like "MyCouchDB" or


Andrea Schiavini

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