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From Dave Bordoley <>
Subject Re: [RESULT]: Accept newline patch into CouchDB for 0.9 (Was: Re: VOTE: accept newline patch into CouchDB for 0.9)
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 21:31:15 GMT
> The real kicker is how do we support clients lacking HTTP-fu. For
> instance, a quick google [1] suggests that XHR probably isn't capable
> of dealing with multipart messages. There's an obvious middle ground
> that could allow different versions to be returned via URL parameters
> though, and then maybe provide the "all content as multipart mime" as
> an option.

You can generate multipart requests using XHR by manually coding
together a multipart body and setting the content type header to
multipart/form-data (why you would ever do this is beyond me, but for
sake of argument). What you can't do is read a file from disk and
submit it using XHR due to browser security restrictions, which is why
ajax apps use hidden iframes to asynchronously upload files.


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