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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchDBX Future
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 11:35:21 GMT

On 18 Feb 2009, at 12:23, Antony Blakey wrote:

> On 18/02/2009, at 8:59 AM, Antony Blakey wrote:
>> On 18/02/2009, at 3:58 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>> remember the Futon mail earlier? Yeah, there's another project
>>> that need love: CouchDBX*.
>>> *
>>> My idea of CouchDBX is this:
>>> A single package that can be downloaded and run to evaluate
>>> CouchDB.
>>> That sounds simple, but the devil is in the details. The first  
>>> version
>>> was hand-crafted and what I did there needs automation now.
>>> Several people have expanded the ObjC/Cocoa interface into
>>> interesting directions and I'd like to see this work continued.
>> I've automated this, the relevent part being in my memetic project:

>>  . Memetic builds location independent erlang and couchdb, and has  
>> the additional libraries so that it can run on OSX without macports  
>> and without any additional dependencies.
>> Memetic is about Ruby, but that's not an impediment - it builds the  
>> binaries by downloading the relevant tars, building with  
>> appropriate options and then munging some paths in files to achieve  
>> location independence.
>> I think the building requires no more Ruby than is present by  
>> default in 10.5. The binaries are currently more isolated than  
>> strictly required because I wanted to support multiple simultaneous  
>> installs that have different version dependencies.
>> This BTW was automated as part of building a generic client. I have  
>> a client who will probably pay someone to do the Win32 version.
> I'm interested in starting a project to build a generic GUI client  
> without Ruby and without CouchDB, into which CouchDB (and my  
> alternative) could be plugged.
> I'm thinking that the best bet is a XUL application that includes  
> Erlang without optional plugs, such as icu and spidermonkey.
> The benefit to this community is that I may have funding for some of  
> this, and it would be genetic deployment client for Erlang apps.

Like :) (Apache 2.0, sources on GitHub)


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