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From eric casteleijn <>
Subject Re: Proposal: let -c *not* ignore default.ini
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 18:48:17 GMT
Noah Slater wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 02:17:38PM +0100, eric casteleijn wrote:
>> The only potential problem I see is if the current way .ini files are
>> handled does not allow you to *un*specify a particular option, in which
>> case you'd need to have an option to ignore the default.ini.
> We cannot accept this patch as is, because it provides no way to avoid the
> default configuration file. As it currently stands, if you wish to use some
> custom configuration file, it assumed that you know enough about what you're
> doing to add in the default or local configuration files as well.
> To accept your patch, we would need an additional option, like you mention:
>   --ignore-default-configuration
> For me, this weird behaviour breaks the rule of least surprise.

I understand that, but for me it was actually the reverse. I expected 
the default.ini to be used unless I specified an option to not use it, 
and anything I passed into -c to customize the settings I wanted to 
override. Perhaps it is my zc.buildout history, where you only ever 
state what needs to be changed, and can even do things like:


which makes for an extremely flexible configuration system.

> Even with the modification suggested, I doubt I would want to accept this patch.
> I suggest that you use the following on your local system:
>   couchdb -c default.ini -c custom.ini

That is possible, but somewhat undesirable in our setup, since I'm 
starting several couch servers, and the default.ini and the custom ones 
will be in different paths, which I would have to compute and pass into 
that script. Again, not impossible, but I would prefer an option not to 
do that.

I can see that a consensus may not be within reach here, so perhaps 
another option that does provide this behavior could be added, and if we 
can find clear enough descriptions to distinguish the two. Perhaps 
override vs. custom(ize) although all the obvious letters have already 
been taken...

- eric casteleijn

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