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From Michael McDaniel <>
Subject Re: Erlang API
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:59:48 GMT

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 02:57:19PM -0800, Chris Anderson wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Michael McDaniel <> wrote:
> >
> >  I'll post some code when it does a bit more than gurgle bubbles.
> It sounds like you are on the right track, and you pointed out the
> bits 'erlview' etc that I saw reading it. The only other thing I see
> (which is probably me missing stuff), is how does this work if we want
> to run multiple distinct views concurrently?


 Although the map fun helpers are not written as handle_call funs, so
 it is not entirely clear to me about the multiple concurrent views.
 That is something I started thinking about two or three days ago
 myself so some testing will be called for.  Though I do think it
 will work ok if I am understanding correctly that
 couch_query_servers:map_docs/2 always initiates the views (well,
 except after an add_fun when map_docs runs through some as-of-yet
 unknown-to-me method).  Because couch_query_servers:map_docs/2
 calls couch_os_process:prompt/2 which uses gen_server:call/2.

 I debated about allowing any and all arbitrary Erlang code in the
 map funs versus having helper funs which the map fun calls
 (e.g.  all_content/2 returns all docs whose content matches a list
  of field/content tuples; 
  all_fields/2 returns all docs which contain all fields in a list;
  etc. And a list output fields can be specified.).

 I wound up allowing any and all arbitrary Erlang code in the map
 funs, and also wrote some helper funs to hide some of the underlying

 As you can surmise, it is not using plain emit(, [doc]) in
 the map funs.

 Kind of a mess but, as you alluded to, a start.


> I haven't seen your server code yet, but I for one would be excited to
> help port some parts of main.js over to it.

 I look forward to the help.


> >
> >
> >  Please, if there is some activity to change CDB internals to
> >  simplify a native Erlang view server or create a more direct
> >  interface, let me know so I don't go too far down this road.
> We'll eventually want to sandbox the Erlang (not sure if there are
> libraries for that yet). If you keep up this work, likely you'll be
> leading the charge for Erlang view servers.
> >
> >  No sense replicating effort (only databases!).
> >
> There's an active community of people forking this CouchDB git repo.
> If you worked on your code in public there you might get some helpers
> showing up.

 Not exactly sure what "forking this CouchDB git repo" means.

 My goal is to clean up existing code and get it posted by early
 next week.  I really need to write up a little bit of "howto"
 for local.ini additions, compile and install instructions, and
 couch_query_servers.erl changes/compile help.

 Do you have some simple instructions on how to get the code
 posted, or should I go read the
 links?  I have only recently started reading about git.


> Chris
> -- 
> Chris Anderson

Michael McDaniel
Portland, Oregon, USA

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