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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject CouchDB 0.9
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2009 21:11:55 GMT
Dear development group,

this is an attempt to get a little organized for the 0.9 release.
I collected most of the discussion from the previous threads
into and
asked the IRC channel to put outstanding issues into JIRA or
flag dupes.

   If there is anything else you want to see in 0.9, put it into
   JIRA *now*.

JIRA then should include all we want to do for 0.9 but also
everything else. I'd suggest everybody with an interest goes
through the bug database and changes all issue's priority
to "Blocker" and the "Fix Version/s" to "0.9" so we can keep
track of what we actually want in 0.9. If you are there anyway,
feel free to flag things for 1.0, too. Please give a reason in
a comment in any case, so we know about your reasoning.
(i.e. API breakage should not occur after 0.9, if an issue
requires an API break, flag blocking it for 0.9 and state the
break (duh)).

We can then go and ultimately discuss the list of blocking
issues for 0.9 and then go on a fixing spree. When we're
done, we release 0.9.

Happy JIRAing and thanks for your help!


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