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From Damien Katz <>
Subject [REPORT] Apache CouchDB
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2009 21:15:56 GMT
CouchDB is a distributed document-oriented database system written in  
The project graduated to TLP in November 2008 and Damien Katz was  
approved as
the Apache CouchDB PMC .

- Community

The community around CouchDB grew in the last couple of months quite a  
bit. We
gain attention in early adaptor markets and can look at the first  
grade setups running on CouchDB (iWantMyName,< 

The mailing list traffic grew and so did the number of third party  
implementations that interact with CouchDB. More and more support on  
the mailing
list comes from outside the core team which proves that there is an  
community growing.

Multiple open source projects and commercial projects and products  
built on
CouchDB have been released or launched in the last few weeks. We are  
trying to
keep track of them on 
CouchDB_in_the_wild on
github reveals around 30 projects around CouchDB.

The three committers Chris Anderson, Noah Slater and Jan Lehnardt  
releasing chapters from their work-in-progress book "CouchDB: The  
Guide" on The content will be licensed under  
2.0 and published in print by O'Reilly Media. The book mailing list  
has 340+
subscribers and the feedback is immense.

For the book, Chris and Jan are working on CouchApp, a toolkit for  
standalone CouchDB applications that is gaining traction on its own.

- Development

We are now looking to release CouchDB 0.9.0 in January, our first as  
TLP and our
first BETA release .

New features for 0.9.0:
- Security and data validation functionality
- View server internals re-architecture to allow the ability to  
quickly read
     stale views as indexes are being updated.
- Multi-key view lookup enhancements
- Include_docs. Ability to load full documents with view rows.
- Btree performance improvements
- Faster and more compact internal JSON term format, that is also the  
new Erlang
     canonical JSON term format. Additionally, when a low level JSON  
parser is
     implemented in core Erlang, it is will use this format and we'll  
gain more
     performance for free.
- Ability to run a CouchDB server right from the project source  
     for development purposes
- Streaming attachment writes
- fliters for converting json documents to other formats (XML, HTML,  
- Deferred commits (optional acid) for faster update and replication  

- Infrastructure
We have now transfered all couchdb assets over to the final TLP  
including the site, the mailing lists and the SVN

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