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From Louis Gerbarg <>
Subject Re: Content-Encoding: gzip
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:24:20 GMT
On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 1:52 AM, Chris Anderson <> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 10:02 PM, Louis Gerbarg <> wrote:
>> I am using CouchDB as backend for some iPhone applications, and one of
>> the issues I have is that that the responses are verbose, which is an
>> issue over cellular. I decided to take a crack at gzip support, and I
>> have something working. A few of you might have seen my post about
>> this on the mochiweb list a few days ago, I think I have a solution
>> that will be more acceptable for mochiweb, so a significant chunk of
>> the code might not really be in CouchDB itself.
> I've been following the discussion on Mochiweb's list. Thanks for
> digging into this.
>> Having said that, I have posted a branch with the first cut on github.
>> It works for all GET requests. It also adds buffering to coalesce
>> small chunks together even when gzip is not being used. This is my
>> first erlang code, so it is definitely not not what I would consider
>> production quality.
> I think we'd like to have this feature. There are some subtleties for
> Couch. One is that for attachments, we may like to receive them
> gzipped, store them and send them to clients, all without doing any
> reprocessing. This may not be related directly to your patch, but you
> should know about it, in case you see places where you could work it
> in.

Yeah, that had crossed my mind. Also, there are some attachments we
will not one to use streaming compression on (images, movies, zipped
files, etc). Right now I am doing it for basically everything, though
I will probably (for the time being) disable it on attachments until
we at least figure out how to deal with mimetypes.

>> In particular:
>> Some of the code is in the wrong place (like type negotiation)
>> It is not properly documented, since I have not read up on Erlang
>> documentation style
>> It could do better compression with a little more work (fully flushes
>> data and resets state when it could avoid that)
> Do you feel up to polishing it off or are you hoping to find a
> collaborator to get it ready for prime time?

I should be fine to finish it off, but I will definitely want someone
to double check/code review my stuff. I have a lot of experience
dealing with http stacks, and spent many years writing a lot of
LISP/Scheme code, but I am completely new to Erlang and in some cases
I have been guessing how somethings work. Features like parameterized
namespaces are not necessarily well documented ;-) I will try to get
it into a form that that I feel is decent in the next few days then
solicit feedback on that.

>> On the other hand, it appears to generally work and for my usage it
>> already is a pretty big win with no changes in our client app ;-) I
>> will be cleaning it up a bit, trying to make it acceptable to
>> mochiweb, perform better, etc. If anyone is interested you can grab
>> the current patchset from
>> <>.
> Thanks again for digging into details.

No problem, thanks for providing a fantastic database platform for me to use.


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