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From Ulises <>
Subject Re: all_seqs stream (was Re: Update notifications including update sequence)
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:00:51 GMT
> The _external would still need to be able to respond to client
> requests - although processes (like an index updater) that don't
> directly talk to the client could work just fine without being
> registered as a db-update-notification-process.

That's what I meant, sorry for not being clear. I was probably
thinking more about things like FTI which do an extra layer of
processing on the documents and not much interaction with users
(unless queried).

> There is also some value to having Couch agree to kick a set of
> scripts when updates come in (in case something dies), but if the
> process management code starts to bog us down we can always drop it
> and refer people to their operating system's services support.

Agree. Still I see a real benefit in being able to run an indexer on a
totally different host than the one couchdb is running on.

> I got excited to write this thread when I started drafting out what
> IRC would look like if it ran on Couches. :)

it would look like teh wins?


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