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From Ulises <>
Subject Re: all_seqs stream (was Re: Update notifications including update sequence)
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 08:35:37 GMT
> The idea behind this is to unify the replication and standard http
> client interfaces for updates streams, so for instance GET replication
> (incrementally updating a db that's current as of seq 200) could work
> via a request like:
> /db/_updates?since=200&include_docs=full
> And an _external that wanted to see every (or a subset) of updates
> (for instance a Full Text Indexer) could use the same mechanism to
> incrementally maintain an index.

That's rather interesting and beg the question whether this wouldn't
render _external obsolete? You could simply manage your own
ex-_external as a separate process that kept this comet notification
channel open.

> Update streams (especially filtered ones) are one of the most powerful
> tools CouchDB offers. For instance, with filtered streams, you can
> very easily make docs into persistent state-machines. And the
> Comet-style requests mixed with client-specified filters makes it very
> easy to write event-driven browser apps.

It does indeed. I'm already thinking RSS, IM Server in couchdb
anybody? The options this might open are rather interesting.


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