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From Ulises <>
Subject Re: Config Validators
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 09:02:10 GMT
> Couch admins may not always be admins on the server itself. If the
> validations can be limited to checks that would otherwise result in a crash,
> they're not training wheels for admins, more like safety nets. You shouldn't
> run up against them unless you're otherwise *fucked*.

This would be the point of validators: checking that parameter values
are sane and won't make couchdb crash and burn.

Yes, admins should double and triple check config values (or at least
that's what good admins do) however sh*t happens and you might miss a
., assign too strict permissions to a dir, etc. I think the greatest
benefit will come from not allowing an admin feeding couch potentially
dangerous (as in making couchdb crash) config values when couchdb is
up and running.

This doesn't prescribe good error reporting on init though.


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