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From Matt Goodall <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (COUCHDB-188) _bulk_docs fails when deleting and adding a doc with the same id
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2009 10:31:08 GMT
2009/1/26 Jan Lehnardt <>:
> On 24 Jan 2009, at 21:37, Matt Goodall wrote:
>> 2009/1/24 Matt Goodall <>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm a bit confused why this was closed. Perhaps a description of the
>>> "new behaviour" is available somewhere?
>>> The only mention of anything related to a change in _bulk_docs I've
>>> *noticed* is about not failing everything in the list of updates
>>> (might be nice if that was optional, actually) and the associated
>>> error reporting. However, that doesn't necessarily fix the problem I
>>> described.
>> Actually, I think I misunderstood the change. It seems it's only to
>> say what document failed, i.e. better error reporting, in which case,
>> a) the change sounds good, b) there is nothing to make optional, c) I
>> still don't think it addresses the issue. Please correct me if I'm
>> wrong!
> We can't sensibly make bulk requests with database partitioning
> over multiple nodes. Damien talked about changing the bulk request
> behaviour also for single-nodes to avoid confusion. If I understand
> correctly, bulk writes then work a lot like replication, in that your
> data gets written in any case but might cause conflicts and you
> can find out where conflicts occurred using a view checking
> the `_conflicts` member of a doc.

That sounds like a _bulk_update is going to remain an atomic operation
but no longer make any promises about consistency, even on a single
node. Is that a correct summary? If so, I think the wiki page,, should be updated
asap to avoid confusion.

Regardless of whether _bulk_update changes, I'm still not convinced
the ticket should be closed. Deleting a document and then adding a
document with the same id works for multiple HTTP request and
replication, it should work for _bulk_update too.

- Matt

>>> Can anyone explain how the planned change fixes things?
>>> Thanks, Matt
>>> 2009/1/24 Jan Lehnardt (JIRA) <>:
>>>>   [
>>>> Jan Lehnardt closed COUCHDB-188.
>>>> --------------------------------
>>>>     Resolution: Invalid
>>>>  Fix Version/s: 0.9
>>>> bulk update will get a new behaviour in 0.9. Closing
>>>>> _bulk_docs fails when deleting and adding a doc with the same id
>>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>               Key: COUCHDB-188
>>>>>               URL:
>>>>>           Project: CouchDB
>>>>>        Issue Type: Bug
>>>>>        Components: Database Core
>>>>>  Affects Versions: 0.9
>>>>>       Environment: CouchDB revision 730414.
>>>>>          Reporter: Matt Goodall
>>>>>           Fix For: 0.9
>>>>> CouchDB returns a "412 Precondition Failed" when the list of changes
>>>>> sent to _bulk_docs deletes a document and later creates a document with
>>>>> same id as the deleted document:
>>>>>   {"docs": [
>>>>>       {"_id": "docid", "_rev": "<rev>", "_deleted": true},
>>>>>       {"_id": "docid"}
>>>>>       ]}
>>>>> Once fixed, the response JSON document  will return the same docid
>>>>> twice in the list but it's presumably ordered consistently with the request
>>>>> data so any client should be able to understand the response.
>>>>> Demonstrating the problem using curl is easy enough:
>>>>> $ curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/test
>>>>> {"ok":true}
>>>>> $ curl -X PUT -d "{}" http://localhost:5984/test/docid
>>>>> {"ok":true,"id":"docid","rev":"4140747751"}
>>>>> $ curl -X POST -d '{"docs": [{"_id": "docid", "_rev": "4140747751",
>>>>> "_deleted": true}, {"_id": "docid"}]}' http://localhost:5984/test/_bulk_docs
>>>>> {"error":"conflict","reason":"Document update conflict."}
>>>>> Note: this is likely related to COUCHDB-172.

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