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From "Matt Goodall" <>
Subject Re: Dropping _temp_views
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 00:22:21 GMT
2009/1/3 Chris Anderson <>:
> We've discussed dropping temp_views on a number of occasions. They
> "don't scale" and tend to cause user confusion.

I'm really surprised the temp view causes confusion for long. I always
considered it as basically analagous to a psql prompt - a great place
to hack around, play and develop a a view/query, but not something
you'd ever try to use in a real application.

Also, in my experience, a temp view behaves exactly the same *for
development purposes* as continually updating a design document would,
i.e. if you change it the view gets rebuilt and things can crawl, if
you don't it's fast.

So ... before removing temp views are you absolutely sure it's not
just a matter of improving the documentation? How about removing temp
views from typical end-user documentation and move it to a
"tool/library developers" section with suitable warning and guidance.
That way, tools like Futon could continue to provide the temp view
tool but client libraries would (hopefully) not bother.

Another thought along the same lines ... I suspect confusion typically
arises because Futon makes temp views so easy and they look the same
as saved views - just select "Custom query" form the drop down and
you're off. Perhaps that option could be moved out of the drop down to
somewhere else and relabelled as "develop view" or something similar?
I have a feeling that would suggest a temp view is not something to
use normally and would instead guide people in the right direction?

I hope you don't remove temp view but it you do I would probably end
up just creating a "temp_view" design document for playing around in
so it's no great loss. In fact, there have been a few ocassions when
I've been playing with ideas that it would have been nice to hang onto
a couple of experimental views so maybe the "temp_view" design
document would be a good thing to do anyway.

- Matt

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