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From Michael McDaniel <>
Subject Re: Dropping _temp_views
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 00:34:10 GMT

 I also would prefer to keep temp views.  I would rather not have
 to save every change whilst playing with different views - just click
 Run (conveniently located) and test the latest changes.  When happy,
 'Save as' something more permanent.


On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 12:22:21AM +0000, Matt Goodall wrote:
> 2009/1/3 Chris Anderson <>:
> > We've discussed dropping temp_views on a number of occasions. They
> > "don't scale" and tend to cause user confusion.
> I'm really surprised the temp view causes confusion for long. I always
> considered it as basically analagous to a psql prompt - a great place
> to hack around, play and develop a a view/query, but not something
> you'd ever try to use in a real application.
> Also, in my experience, a temp view behaves exactly the same *for
> development purposes* as continually updating a design document would,
> i.e. if you change it the view gets rebuilt and things can crawl, if
> you don't it's fast.
> So ... before removing temp views are you absolutely sure it's not
> just a matter of improving the documentation? How about removing temp
> views from typical end-user documentation and move it to a
> "tool/library developers" section with suitable warning and guidance.
> That way, tools like Futon could continue to provide the temp view
> tool but client libraries would (hopefully) not bother.
> Another thought along the same lines ... I suspect confusion typically
> arises because Futon makes temp views so easy and they look the same
> as saved views - just select "Custom query" form the drop down and
> you're off. Perhaps that option could be moved out of the drop down to
> somewhere else and relabelled as "develop view" or something similar?
> I have a feeling that would suggest a temp view is not something to
> use normally and would instead guide people in the right direction?
> I hope you don't remove temp view but it you do I would probably end
> up just creating a "temp_view" design document for playing around in
> so it's no great loss. In fact, there have been a few ocassions when
> I've been playing with ideas that it would have been nice to hang onto
> a couple of experimental views so maybe the "temp_view" design
> document would be a good thing to do anyway.
> - Matt

Michael McDaniel
Portland, Oregon, USA

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