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From David Pratt <>
Subject Re: 1.0.0 wishlist/roadmap
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 14:17:36 GMT
Hello. I am currently developing with couchdb and would like to see  
the full potential of erlang used to distribute map/reduce work for  
CouchDB 1.0. This would permit launching more nodes to perform the  
work in less time (ie 10 servers = 1/10 time of 1 server).

I would like to launch more nodes while the work is required and  
return to the original number of nodes afterwards. This would be  
extremely beneficial and also consistent with circumstances where  
queueing may also be employed for imports (since this result in the  
original map/reduce work). In this circumstance, based on work volume  
in queue, n servers are launched to distribute work to handle the  
heavy IO requirement of imports and terminated when no longer needed.  
Many thanks.


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