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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Reorganization of the wiki
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 18:43:15 GMT

On Nov 2, 2008, at 00:06, maddiin wrote:

> I started to reorganize the front page of the wiki:
> I think the current front page is hard to read because of the  
> CamelCase links and is cluttered with too much information. I would  
> like to group pages and get rid of CamelCase links/headings.
> This would also affect already created pages (for example change the  
> link from "GettingStartedWithFuton" to "Getting started with Futon").
> Therefore the old links would be outdated, but it should be possible  
> to redirect to new locations with "#REDIRECT pagename" within wiki  
> pages, at least the moinmoin documentation says so.
> So please have a look at the proposed front page and let me know  
> what you think. If no one is strictly against it I´ll go ahead and  
> take care of the changes and your suggestions.

+1 (CCing -dev)

Great work Maddiin!

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