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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Releasing 0.9
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 11:12:27 GMT

while we are still in graduation limbo, I'd like to ask if we should  
start thinking
about a 0.9 release. Lots has changed since 0.8.1 and we are already  
recommending people to use trunk. We do have the nightlies now, that  
it easier to use trunk, but a proper release is still a good idea in  
my opinion. But
we are not in a rush either.

My question would be what we want for a 0.9 release. I understand that  
there's still
ways to go before we are hitting 1.0 (and it is kind of a shame that  
we run out of
0.x numbers, unless we break out of decimalism and start doing 0.10.x  
and 0.11.x
releases (which I wouldn't really mind)).

Trunk, while it works, could do with some improvements:

  - My config writer still has a bug (Jan).
  - The HTTP-Auth implementation details are still being discussed  
(Damien, Chris?).
  - The libcurl requirement might have to be adjusted further on user  
  - `make check`, especially the JS-test suite execution needs work  
  - Documentation is incomplete or out-of-date (All?).

What else do you remember that needs to be improved in trunk before a  

What other features do you want to see in 0.9?


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