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From Adam Kocoloski <>
Subject URL-decoding reverse proxy breaks remote replication
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 18:38:08 GMT
Hi, I installed CouchDB behind nginx the other day and noticed that  
remote replication didn't work.  The problem seems to be that

a) CouchDB stores the replication history in a local doc with an ID  
formed from the URL-encoded paths to the source and target DBs,

b) nginx decodes all %2Fs in the URLs it processes, and

c) couch_httpd chokes on a GET request for the replication history doc  
using the decoded URL delivered by nginx.

My workaround was to encode "/" as "|" in the ID of the replication  
history document.  It seemed simpler than doing extra special-casing  
in couch_httpd to handle decoded "/" characters in replication docIDs,  
and I didn't see any way to turn off URL decoding in nginx.  Best,


--- a/trunk/src/couchdb/couch_rep.erl
+++ b/trunk/src/couchdb/couch_rep.erl
@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@ url_encode([H|T]) ->
      H == $_; H == $.; H == $-; H == $: ->
+    % nginx will decode the %2F which makes couch_httpd blow up
+    H == $/ ->
+        [$||url_encode(T)];
      true ->
          case lists:flatten(io_lib:format("~.16.0B", [H])) of
          [X, Y] ->

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