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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject CouchDBX
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2008 09:56:28 GMT
Hello -dev,
I'd like to make CouchDBX[1], my precompiled all-in-one package for  
Mac OS X
part of the official CouchDB distribution.

Three questions come to mind:

  - Does everyone like the idea?
    I hope to gather more developer momentum as I have a lot of cool  
    in mind. But nobody needs to feel obliged to spend cycles on it.  
At the moment
    it is maintained at Google Code.

  - What is the best way to integrate CouchDBX into the project?
    Since it comes with it's own set of source-files that do not  
belong in trunk/,
    where to put it? Is that where a sub-project comes in handy?

  - Licensing.
    CouchDBX includes compiled non-Apache 2.0-licensed code. Can we  
    that as part of an official ASF release?

    The licenses in questions are:

     - The Erlang Public License (, a  
derivative of the
       Mozilla Public License 1.0.

     - The ICU License ( 
       is already used in another ASF distribution (it escaped my mind  
which one, Noah,
       do you still remember?).

     - The Mozilla Public License 1.1 ( 

     - Did I forget anything?

Thanks for any input.


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