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From "José Manuel Peña" <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Success Stories
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 03:16:20 GMT
Hey Jan,

Probably, I can't say that the project i'm working is a successfull
story yet, but I'm a pretty sure that is the perfect database for it.
I'm working in an erlang-based document-workflow engine with a
couch-db inspired JSON-REST interface called erlflow.

Really this project is in a very very ultra alfa state, but i know
that this is a good aproach.


José Manuel Peña

2008/7/3 Jan Lehnardt <>:
> Heya,
> in a recent discussion with somebody who follows these
> lists, he pointed out that CouchDB appears to have a lot
> of problems and has some sort of negative aura. Mostly
> because the issues discussed on these lists are about
> problems people have with CouchDB.
> Obviously, when looking at other information sources,
> it is clearly visible that CouchDB is loved by many and
> used successfully.
> Yet these stories don't make it to the mailing lists. So
> please, if you have a CouchDB success-story to share,
> let us know. If that means shamelessly advertising
> a project or product, just go ahead and do so :)
> Anything from your personal blog to the "next big
> thing" is interesting to us.
> To let us know, just reply to this post!
> If you can't talk publicly about what you do in detail, a
> message like "We are using CouchDB successfully in
> our sub-radar startup" (I know you are there ;) will do.
> If you don't want to post to the list directly, send me a
> private mail and I can relay the totally anonymous
> information then.
> --
> If you have a problem with CouchDB, don't let this
> post discourage you from posting it here, we'd love
> to hear about any issues you might encounter to
> make your life easier in the future.
> Cheers and thanks in advance!
> Jan
> --
> PS: If you find this a useless exercise, just ignore me :-)


José Manuel Peña

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