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From "Dale Johnson" <>
Subject scaling couchdb
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 23:37:55 GMT

I'm trying to implement a large scale assessment of CouchDB.

CouchDB shows a great deal of promise, and I'm busy learning
erlang so I can read the source code.

I'm plowing ahead with a wiki entry:

That page is in an 'alpha' state. :)

So my basic plan is to read the source code to see how it
works, and try to get something running in a couple of days.
I'm more than willing to fill out the wiki page, even if it's to say
it doesn't to this and it doesn't do that.

But, the 64k$ question is -- is there any project roadmap
in general, or scaling documents in particular that would
guide potential adopters?

Dale Johnson (

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