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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: scaling couchdb
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 07:42:09 GMT
Heya Dale,
On Jul 8, 2008, at 01:37, Dale Johnson wrote:
> I'm trying to implement a large scale assessment of CouchDB.

Cool! :)

> That page is in an 'alpha' state. :)

Thanks for putting this stuff together.

> But, the 64k$ question is -- is there any project roadmap
> in general, or scaling documents in particular that would
> guide potential adopters?

Not to sound too grumpy, but
has a good first result :) The Roadmap needs updating,
but we are in the process to discuss what things we need
and which version they should go. We'll update the roadmap
page then.

You can see that the scaling parts are Future Feature work.
A couple of people have voiced interest in contributing there
especially the database partitioning, but nothing has come
out of that yet.

At the moment, CouchDB runs best on a single machine
with multiple machines for a cluster using replication to
synchronise data. Erlang allows a VM to run on multiple
machines and we do not yet take advantage of that fact.
This is an aera that is worth investigating.

Another one is making the view server actually use the
map/reduce paradigm in parallel. At the moment things
are computed serially.

There is no guide though, since we are not yet focussing
on the scaling (which doesn't mean we don't have it in
mind :). Any contributions to this area are highly welcome.

Feel free to follow up with any questions you might have.


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