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From Robert Dionne <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Success Stories
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 18:46:16 GMT
I've been using the 0.7.2 version for some time now and it's rock  
solid. There were issues getting it all built on OSX, etc.. but I run  
it for days at a time without even thinking about it.

I'm using the Java client on one end to run some legacy code. I'm  
essentially using couchdb as a poor mans RDF store. On the other end  
I have an Erlang based app that is loading large RDF graphs where  
each node is running in it's own process. It uses erlcouch to talk to  
couchdb. I'm not able to discuss the app, it's a research prototype.

I'm a fan of couchdb. I caught the Erlang bug three years ago and  
have tried to use it whenever I can. I think couchdb is a very timely  
project and have always thought the best solution to O-R mapping is  
get rid fo the R :). I've poked at the code some and am hopeful to  
spend more time with it, and even help out if I can.

I just bit the bullet and built 0.8 this morning, knowing erlcouch  
and the Java clients would probably break as there's been a lot of  
good work since 0.7.2, surprisingly all my stuff more or less works.

I did run the unit tests. Under FIrefox, with the exception of  
replication (see below) test they all ran. However when running with  
Webkit it gets to the "attachments" test and Webkit goes off the deep  
end, cpu at 99%, etc... I'm running MAC, dual core OSX 10.4.1

All the best,

Bob Dionne

[info] [<0.2798.0>] HTTP Error (code 500): {'EXIT',{{badmatch, 
[info] [<0.2798.0>] - - "POST /_replicate" 500

On Jul 2, 2008, at 5:55 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:

> Heya,
> in a recent discussion with somebody who follows these
> lists, he pointed out that CouchDB appears to have a lot
> of problems and has some sort of negative aura. Mostly
> because the issues discussed on these lists are about
> problems people have with CouchDB.
> Obviously, when looking at other information sources,
> it is clearly visible that CouchDB is loved by many and
> used successfully.
> Yet these stories don't make it to the mailing lists. So
> please, if you have a CouchDB success-story to share,
> let us know. If that means shamelessly advertising
> a project or product, just go ahead and do so :)
> Anything from your personal blog to the "next big
> thing" is interesting to us.
> To let us know, just reply to this post!
> If you can't talk publicly about what you do in detail, a
> message like "We are using CouchDB successfully in
> our sub-radar startup" (I know you are there ;) will do.
> If you don't want to post to the list directly, send me a
> private mail and I can relay the totally anonymous
> information then.
> --
> If you have a problem with CouchDB, don't let this
> post discourage you from posting it here, we'd love
> to hear about any issues you might encounter to
> make your life easier in the future.
> Cheers and thanks in advance!
> Jan
> --
> PS: If you find this a useless exercise, just ignore me :-)

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