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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Success Stories
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 18:56:28 GMT

On Jul 3, 2008, at 20:46, Robert Dionne wrote:

> I've been using the 0.7.2 version for some time now and it's rock  
> solid. There were issues getting it all built on OSX, etc.. but I  
> run it for days at a time without even thinking about it.
> I'm using the Java client on one end to run some legacy code. I'm  
> essentially using couchdb as a poor mans RDF store. On the other end  
> I have an Erlang based app that is loading large RDF graphs where  
> each node is running in it's own process. It uses erlcouch to talk  
> to couchdb. I'm not able to discuss the app, it's a research  
> prototype.
> I'm a fan of couchdb. I caught the Erlang bug three years ago and  
> have tried to use it whenever I can. I think couchdb is a very  
> timely project and have always thought the best solution to O-R  
> mapping is get rid fo the R :). I've poked at the code some and am  
> hopeful to spend more time with it, and even help out if I can.
> I just bit the bullet and built 0.8 this morning, knowing erlcouch  
> and the Java clients would probably break as there's been a lot of  
> good work since 0.7.2, surprisingly all my stuff more or less works.

Great story! Thanks for sharing!

> I did run the unit tests. Under FIrefox, with the exception of  
> replication (see below) test they all ran. However when running with  
> Webkit it gets to the "attachments" test and Webkit goes off the  
> deep end, cpu at 99%, etc... I'm running MAC, dual core OSX 10.4.1

Both are known issues. We haven't got around to fix the WebKit weird  
behaviour yet, since FF works, this is not a priority. The replication  
problem surfaces when IPv6 is enable which it is on OS X by default  
IIRC so localhost will resolve to :::1 where CouchDB is not listening.  
Using to access the test suite or disabling  
IPv6 dose the trick here. So all is well with your installation :)

Again, thanks for sharing!


> All the best,
> Bob Dionne
> [info] [<0.2798.0>] HTTP Error (code 500): {'EXIT',{{badmatch, 
> {error,econnrefused}},
>                                [{couch_rep,do_http_request,3},
>                                 {couch_rep,open_doc,3},
>                                 {couch_rep,replicate,3},
> {couch_httpd,handle_replicate_request,2},
>                                 {couch_httpd,handle_request,2},
>                                 {mochiweb_http,headers,4},
>                                 {proc_lib,init_p,5}]}}
> [info] [<0.2798.0>] - - "POST /_replicate" 500
> On Jul 2, 2008, at 5:55 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>> Heya,
>> in a recent discussion with somebody who follows these
>> lists, he pointed out that CouchDB appears to have a lot
>> of problems and has some sort of negative aura. Mostly
>> because the issues discussed on these lists are about
>> problems people have with CouchDB.
>> Obviously, when looking at other information sources,
>> it is clearly visible that CouchDB is loved by many and
>> used successfully.
>> Yet these stories don't make it to the mailing lists. So
>> please, if you have a CouchDB success-story to share,
>> let us know. If that means shamelessly advertising
>> a project or product, just go ahead and do so :)
>> Anything from your personal blog to the "next big
>> thing" is interesting to us.
>> To let us know, just reply to this post!
>> If you can't talk publicly about what you do in detail, a
>> message like "We are using CouchDB successfully in
>> our sub-radar startup" (I know you are there ;) will do.
>> If you don't want to post to the list directly, send me a
>> private mail and I can relay the totally anonymous
>> information then.
>> --
>> If you have a problem with CouchDB, don't let this
>> post discourage you from posting it here, we'd love
>> to hear about any issues you might encounter to
>> make your life easier in the future.
>> Cheers and thanks in advance!
>> Jan
>> --
>> PS: If you find this a useless exercise, just ignore me :-)

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