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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Performance and Statistics Module Re: CouchDB 0.9 and 1.0
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 19:46:58 GMT
On Jul 3, 2008, at 21:34, Damien Katz wrote:

> Optimizations of core CouchDB code hasn't begun yet. I did spend a  
> small time profiling CouchDB using the built-in Erlang tools, but  
> using the Erlang tools collecting the data into something coherent  
> was a challenge.

I posted about the traces and coverage analysis earlier today and I  
hope that we get a few of the Erlang folks to have a look at that. Joe  
announced interest in these numbers but I don't know if he will give  
us any feedback :-)

> One reason not to use DTRACE, is we want the performance stats  
> available to admins in production settings.

As far as I understand, DTRACE is designed to be just that, a tool for  
admins (and developers of course). A reason why not to use DTrace is  
support for platforms that don't have DTrace. Namely Linux and  
Windows. So I think an internal  modules that gathers runtime  
statistics is still a good idea. So we can see high level things like,  
queries executed, caches used, data transferred and so on.

I'd be willing to help writing such a module since I've done a  
conceptually similar thing already for the runtimeconfig branch.


> On Jul 2, 2008, at 3:08 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> this thread is meant to collect missing work items (features and
>> bugs) for for our 1.0 release and a discussion about how to split
>> them up between 0.9 and 1.0.
>> Take it away: Damien.
>> Cheers
>> Jan
>> --

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