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From "Paul Davis" <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (COUCHDB-74) CouchDB full text searching
Date Sat, 31 May 2008 14:38:45 GMT
Cool. I just wanted to mention that it wouldn't work with the knee
jerk reflex of sudo apt-get install python-xapian like I tried at

The more I use xapian the cooler I think it is. Minus the whole
license incompatibility.

On 5/31/08, Olly Betts (JIRA) <> wrote:
>     [
> ]
> Olly Betts commented on COUCHDB-74:
> -----------------------------------
> You can get backported packages for x86 and x86-64 for all recent versions
> of Debian and Ubuntu (including gutsy) from - see the download
> page for details.  Currently these are for 1.0.5, which includes user
> metadata support (which was added in 1.0.3).
>> CouchDB full text searching
>> ---------------------------
>>                 Key: COUCHDB-74
>>                 URL:
>>             Project: CouchDB
>>          Issue Type: New Feature
>>          Components: Full-Text Search, HTTP Interface
>>         Environment: branches/lucene-search
>>            Reporter: Paul Joseph Davis
>>         Attachments: couchdb-xapian.tar.gz
>> I've managed to piece enough together to get full text search working with
>> xapian and python.
>> You'll need to have a relatively recent version of xapian-core and
>> xapian-bindings installed. I've got 1.0.6 installed. The version in Gutsy
>> Gibon's repositories was too old. Specifically, there's a requirement for
>> the xapian.WritableDatabase to have set_metadata. If your bindings have
>> that, you should be golden.
>> Basic install insructions:
>> Download a fresh copy of the lucene-search branch:
>> davisp@nebula:/usr/local/src/tmp$ svn co
>> couchdb-lucene
>> Unpack the tarball attached to this ticket:
>> davisp@nebula:/usr/local/src/tmp/couchdb-lucene$ tar -cvf
>> couchdb-xapian.tar.gz couchdb-xapian/
>> Apply the patch to the lucene branch:
>> $ cd couchdb-lucene/
>> $ svn mv src/couchdb/couch_ft_query.erl src/couchdb/couch_query.erl
>> $ patch -p0 -i ../couchdb-xapian/json_external_query_server.diff
>> Build the patched version of CouchDB:
>> $ ./bootstrap && ./configure && make && sudo make install
>> Edit the xapian.conf:
>> [couchdb]
>> base_url = url of your couchdb instance. Probably http://localhost:5984/
>> index_directory = directory where the user running couchdb can write to.
>> ie, /usr/local/var/lib/couchdb/xapian/
>> [index:dbname] #Dbname is the name of the database you want to index
>> view=_all_docs_by_seq #The index sections aren't going to stay like this.
>> This is the only view that will work correctly.
>> attributes=list of document attributes to index #At the moment, you
>> probably just want to stick with string args. This will be improved in the
>> future.
>> Copy the xapian.conf next to your couch.ini:
>> $ sudo cp xapian.conf /usr/local/etc/couchdb/
>> Edit your couch.ini:
>> $ sudo vi /usr/local/etc/couchdb/couch.ini
>> In the [Couch] section, add the following:
>> DbUpdateNotificationProcess=/path/to/couch-xapian/xapian-indexer
>> ExternalQueryServer=/path/to/couch-xapian/xapian-query-server
>> If your xapian.ini doesn't live at /usr/local/etc/couchdb/xapian.conf, add
>> " -c /path/to/xapian.conf" to the end of both those options in couch.ini
>> Lastly, fireup couchdb as usual.
>> Each database/view in xapian.conf will be indexed when couchdb starts up
>> and when the db changes as expected.
>> To issue a query, try a url like:
>> http://localhost:5984/dbname/_search?query=hello+mom
>> _search parameters for xapian querying include: query, offset, limit, and
>> view. (Remember we can't index views other than _all_docs_by_seq yet, so
>> just ignore that for now)
>> =============
>> Hopefully I didn't forget any steps in that.  So the current state of
>> things is that the indexing and searching work. I haven't tested things
>> like languages etc yet. I have plans to make the xapian.conf file control
>> all of the multitude of stuff that xapian supports. For now I was just
>> going for bare bones, so don't fret if your favorite xapian feature isn't
>> there yet.
>> Also, the view indexing still needs work. This will probably have to wait
>> until Damien gets a method to support finding only changed documents in a
>> view. I don't know if I have enough erlang fu to make this work on my own.
>> (I'm doubting I do)
>> Also also, I'm planning on adding support for the neat xapian features
>> like suggested search terms etc. I'll get to things of this nature as more
>> people start using the package and I've ironed out the more major things.
>> Other than that, please send feedback.
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